A real doctor has a stethoscope with him of course! Listen to your patients’ heartbeat with this real working stethoscope from the Petits pretenders collection of SES. Your girlfriend or boyfriend can also listen to your heartbeat. Who has the highest heart rate? Also nice to combine with the other doctor’s products from the Petits … Continued

Doctors case

This doctor’s case contains everything you need to help your patients. Bandage up your brother’s hand, give your teddy bear an injection or use the plasters after an accident. You know what’s so nice? All the tools in this case are real and thanks to the handy handle you can easily take the case anywhere … Continued

Kitchen play set

Do you like to cook too? Do you want to help at home in the kitchen? Or start your own restaurant? Then this play set from the Petits pretenders line of SES with a wooden kitchen is for you! This play set contains everything you need to become a real kitchen prince or princess. Next … Continued

Mega kitchen set

This comprehensive set of wooden kitchens from the Petits pretenders line from SES includes everything you need to help at home in the kitchen or start your own restaurant. Put on your chef’s apron, we’re hungry! Prepare the most delicious dishes in the two pans, choose from the 9 tastiest ingredients and products and cook … Continued

Mega supermarket set

This extensive wooden cash register set from the Petits pretenders line of SES contains everything you need to start your own supermarket. Put on your apron, because there are customers queuing up to do their shopping. The customers can fill their shopping bag with groceries and then come and pay at your checkout. What will … Continued

Casting and painting – Unicorns

Do you also love unicorns? This set by SES Creative allows you to carve all kinds of unicorn figurines, made of plaster. Pour the plaster into the mould and let it set. Grab the supplied paint, and paint the twelve figurines whichever way you like. Fun to make and gives a great result!

Dough aroma 4x90gr

Purple, yellow, green and red dough with four delicious scents: blueberry, tropical, apple and strawberry. All of SES Creative’s dough is safe to use. It’s gluten-free and extremely salty, so children won’t eat it. The dough is bright, very soft and can be used again and again because of the resealable packaging. For hours of … Continued

Scratch animals

Scratching: it’s like colouring, but different! Scratch the black cards with the pen and marvel at the bright colours that appear. This crafting set by SES Creative contains six scratch animals: a flamingo, alpaca, owl, butterfly, cat and chameleon. Copy the patterns in the instructions or let your creativity run wild. Give your scratch animals … Continued

Salt dough figures

Make fun Salt dough figures with this crafting set from SES Creative. Kneed your own salt dough with the mix supplied and create beautiful figures. Once the salt dough figures have hardened, it’s time to paint them and make them come to life with the sticker eyes. Make the cute animals on the packaging or … Continued

Glittery soap jewels

With this luxury beauty set from SES Creative, you can make your own gorgeous-smelling Glittery soap jewels. Melt the coloured soap in the microwave and pour it into the mould. Create soaps with one colour, mix the colours, use different layers of colours or add glitter: you can make the soap jewels look however you … Continued

Manicure and pedicure

With this luxury Mani- pedicure set from SES Creative, you will always have beautifully manicured nails. Fill the nail polish pots with the colour you want to paint your nails with. Mix the different colours and add glitter, if you wish. File your nails smooth and get painting! Decorate the painted nails with fruit confetti … Continued

Casting and painting – Unikitty cupcake

With this casting and painting set from SES Creative, you can make your own Unikitty cupcake. Pour the plaster into the 3D mould. Let the model dry and paint your unikitty cupcake with the paint included in the set. Then add glitter and your unikitty cupcake is complete. This cross between a cupcake, a cat … Continued