Hospital play suitcase and play mat

This beautiful hospital play case from the Petits pretenders line of SES, including a play mat and four wooden play figures, provides hours of fun! Will you race the ambulance through the streets, or should the helicopter take to the air for a quick rescue? You’re already a doctor. What a heroic team! Thanks to … Continued

Shopping district play suitcase and play mat

This beautiful shopping street play case from the Petits pretenders line of SES, including a play mat and four wooden playing figures, provides hours of fun! Go into town for groceries or a nice bunch of flowers. Are you going for a walk or by car? Meanwhile, the shopkeeper is busy replenishing his stock. Ooh … Continued

Excavate fossils

Are you a fossil fan? Discover which scary insects are hidden in the three fossils and use the hammer and chisel to excavate them. What creepy surprise have you dug up? Under the name “Explore”, SES offers a range of toys based on natural phenomena, discovery and research.  

Iron on beads – Unicorn with mane

Make your own unicorn from iron-on beads! Bring the unicorn to life by decorating it with a mane of embroidery thread and beautiful glitter stickers. Wow, look at the unicorn rays!

Parachute flying tucan

Wheee, look how high the toucan is flying! Get together with friends and use this colourful play parachute to see how high you can make the toucan fly through the air. Make sure the toucan doesn’t fall to the ground! With this play parachute, boredom is a thing of the past. Measuring at least 2.5 … Continued

Animal yoga

Play Animal Yoga with your friends. Spin the wheel and take a card. Turn the card over and see which pose you have to do! Relax like a sloth or be as nimble as a cat. Can you do all 27 yoga poses?A varied mix of balance exercises and power moves. Yoga is good for … Continued

Glitter glue

With these handy tubes with 12 different colours of glitter, you can make all kinds of things. Decorate drawings, letters and other works of art with a cool glitter effect! This glitter glue is easy to wash off your hands and most types of fabric.

No-spill bubble bucket with Mega bubbles

It’s every parent’s dream: blowing bubbles without mess! The special design of this pot ensures that soapsuds cannot leak out. Have a big bubble-blowing party with this no-spill pot and super-strong soap suds. If you do get some of the bubble solution on your clothes, that’s OK, because it’s easy to wash out of most … Continued

Blow airbrush pens

Wow these airbrush blow markers are something special! You can easily turn them into markers you can blow into. When you blow, a bright colour will appear on your page. Use the seven colours to make beautiful colour transitions.

Xtreme bubble tornado bubble machine

Wow, look at all those bubbles! This bubble blowing machine blows more than 1000 bubbles a minute. Cool! Featuring a tornado design, 12 rotating bubble blowers, a powerful motor and super-strong soap solution, you have hours of bubble fun ahead! The Xtreme bubble tornado runs on 3 AA batteries (not included) and comes with a large 750-ml … Continued

Tie-dye textile paint

Steal the show with your own tie-dye creations! With this tie-dye set, you can decorate different items, such as a pair of socks, trousers, shirts, bags or pillow cases. Roll, crumple or fold the items up, fasten them with some elastic bands and you are ready to paint. Follow the instructions and make beautiful designs. … Continued

Dough with surprise – Unicorn

Cool! In this dough set, there are two hidden Unicorn surprises. Discover which surprises are in your dough set now! With this bright dough from SES, you can make the most wonderful creations. The dough is bright, soft and can be used again and again because of the resealable packaging. You can have hours of … Continued