Tattoos for children – Fairytales

Wow, these metallic effect tattoos make your arm shine. Will you go for a tough princess on a skateboard or will you stick a nice unicorn on your arm? This set contains as many as 40 funny, cheerful figures. The tattoos are easy to apply and are also easy to wash off the skin.

Multi loom

You can make all kinds of fun creations with this multifunctional weaving tool, from pompoms in different sizes to tiny straps, tassels, weave hangers and friendship bracelets! Nice for yourself, but also nice for making something for your boyfriend or girlfriend. With the different colours, thicknesses of yarn and clear instructions you can get started … Continued

Unicorn jewelery holder

Would you like to conveniently store all your jewellery in one place and give it a prominent place in your room? This unicorn has handy holes and edges to hang your rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Assemble the wooden parts and get started with the six colours of paint and three colours of glitter glue! … Continued

Wooden dino glow in the dark

Cool, with this craft kit you can make your own dinosaur! First put the wooden dinosaur together. What colour will you make your dinosaur? With the included six paint colours, you decide that yourself! The dinosaur becomes even more amazing with the included glow-in-the-dark stickers. During the day you will see your self-made dinosaur and … Continued

Fashion glitter scrunchies

How much fun is it if you can decorate your own scrunchies? A must-have for every fashionista! The set consists of two scrunchies and two ribbons. With the four coloured blow airbrush pens and the glitter glue, you can create the coolest figures, patterns and effects!

Fashion glitter bag

With this Fashion glitter backpack, you will definitely steal the show at school! You can make yourself a cool glitter unicorn bag! The horn is a big shaker sticker full of stars and the eyes and ears of the unicorn are glitter stickers that you can easily stick on the bag. With the three glitter … Continued

Stationery crafts

This craft kit contains everything you need to make your own writing paper, envelopes and postcards. For example, make your own invitations for a party or write a nice letter to granny and granddad. With the included two zig-zag scissors, you can cut nice edges on your cards and with the writeable stickers and washi … Continued

Shrink film – Keychains

Discover the magical effect of shrink film! This set contains everything you need to make your own key rings. Trace the examples, colour them in and then place them in a warm oven. Wow! Look how fast they shrink. They shrink to seven times smaller! Nobody has such unique key rings!

Dress up costume set merchant

Step into the world of Petits pretenders and become a real supermarket salesman with this dress set! This set contains an apron, play money coins and six supermarket products to start your supermarket with. The first customer has already arrived! How much money does he have to pay for a carton of milk and a … Continued

Dress up costume set doctor

Become a real doctor with this dress up kit! Oh dear, your favourite teddy bear doesn’t feel so good. Will you take his temperature? The other patients also need to be seen to. This dress up kit contains a doctor’s coat, play thermometer, two tongue depressors, tweezers and a syringe. Also nice to combine with … Continued

Recycle mega mix

Do you still have stuff lying around at home that is not used or would be thrown away? Don’t just throw it out, because with this set you can turn old stuff into cheerful creations. This set contains all kinds of accessories to get creative with, such as paint, chenille, embroidery thread, stickers, googly eyes … Continued

Light lanterns

Cool, with this craft kit you can make your own light lanterns! Simply fold the animals together and decorate them with coloured foil and glitter. Have you done them? Put an LED candle in each lantern and discover how beautifully the lanterns shine. (Excl. 3x CR2032)