Poster paint (6x45ml)

The poster paint from SES Creative is known for its good quality and bright colours. The poster paint set consists of the six colours red, blue, white, black, green and yellow. By mixing the colours, the possibilities are endless and many more colours can be created! SES Creative poster paint is easy to wash out … Continued

Hospital play suitcase and play mat

This beautiful hospital play case from the Petits pretenders line of SES, including a play mat and four wooden play figures, provides hours of fun! Will you race the ambulance through the streets, or should the helicopter take to the air for a quick rescue? You’re already a doctor. What a heroic team! Thanks to … Continued

Shopping district play suitcase and play mat

This beautiful shopping street play case from the Petits pretenders line of SES, including a play mat and four wooden playing figures, provides hours of fun! Go into town for groceries or a nice bunch of flowers. Are you going for a walk or by car? Meanwhile, the shopkeeper is busy replenishing his stock. Ooh … Continued

Colouring with water – Hidden animals

What’s that animal hidden in the tree? Go over the card with a wet brush and find out which animals are hidden. Found them all? Continue your search on the other cards. When you have revealed all the animals, you can let the cards dry and use them again.

Fingerprint paint art

This set contains three colours of finger paint and ten colouring sheets with animals that you can colour in with your fingers. Which animal do you want to colour in? Will you choose the cute bunny or the big bear? You can decorate the white areas on the colouring sheets any way you like.

Sophie la girafe – Sticking shapes

This set contains six Sophie la girafe cards that need to be filled in with coloured shapes. With the magical finger glue, you can stick the missing shapes on the right spots. The finger glue goes on blue, so you can see where you have put the glue. That’s really useful, because then you know … Continued

Sophie la girafe – Dough animals

Make your own Sophie la girafe from dough! Choose a head from the different foam parts and make Sophie’s body from dough. The foam pieces can also be used for cutting out shapes. Which will you make? All of SES Creative’s dough is safe to use. It’s gluten-free and extremely salty, so children won’t eat … Continued

Parachute flying tucan

Wheee, look how high the toucan is flying! Get together with friends and use this colourful play parachute to see how high you can make the toucan fly through the air. Make sure the toucan doesn’t fall to the ground! With this play parachute, boredom is a thing of the past. Measuring at least 2.5 … Continued

Animal yoga

Play Animal Yoga with your friends. Spin the wheel and take a card. Turn the card over and see which pose you have to do! Relax like a sloth or be as nimble as a cat. Can you do all 27 yoga poses?A varied mix of balance exercises and power moves. Yoga is good for … Continued

Sensory mosaic cards

Oops, these six animals are missing part of their fur. Will you give them their coats back by placing the shapes with the different types of fur in the right places? Does the bear have soft or rough fur? Discover them all! By removing the top layer of the mosaic shapes, you can easily stick … Continued

Colouring with water – Colouring mat elephant

With this elephant colouring mat, you can create your prettiest works of art. Wet the elephant’s tail with water and use the white area as a canvas. Bright and cheerful colours appear when the colouring mat is wet. Write your name, make a beautiful drawing or decorate the elephant with different patterns. Want to make … Continued

I learn to scratch

These six fun animals are not yet finished. Will you complete the drawings? The black scratch cards have guidelines, so you can copy the animals exactly. With the wooden scratch pen, you can follow the guidelines and colour in the areas. You can also make your own unique creation by drawing different patterns.