Glitter glue

With these handy tubes with 12 different colours of glitter, you can make all kinds of things. Decorate drawings, letters and other works of art with a cool glitter effect! This glitter glue is easy to wash off your hands and most types of fabric.

I learn string art

Learn string art in a simple way. Use the poking pen and felt mat to poke holes in the cards and get creative with the safe needle and multicoloured thread. In string art, you decide where the thread goes, so you can’t go wrong! The set contains four fun cards to decorate.

Finger glue

Fun, magical finger glue! The finger glue is light blue, so you can see where you have put the glue. That’s really useful, because then you know exactly where to stick the pieces. Get sticking! This set contains two pots of finger glue with handy resealable lids. Once you’re done glueing, it’s easy to wash … Continued

I learn to weave

Always wanted to learn to weave? With this I learn to weave set, you can easily learn weaving techniques. Weave the tummies of the animals using a frame loom, a large weaving needle and three colours of thread. Then you can make your animals complete by adding their heads and arms to the frame loom … Continued

Dough with surprise – Unicorn

Cool! In this dough set, there are two hidden Unicorn surprises. Discover which surprises are in your dough set now! With this bright dough from SES, you can make the most wonderful creations. The dough is bright, soft and can be used again and again because of the resealable packaging. You can have hours of … Continued

Fish in a row

With these four multifunctional fish you will have hours of fun in the bath. You can stack them and switch them one after the other, but you can also use them as scoops and as a colander. Plenty of playtime!

Bath safari animals

Such animal fun in the bath! Go on a safari and make your own safari story with all 14 safari animals. The different foam animals are easy to stick on wet surfaces, but also easy to remove.

Family hugs soft cloth photo book

This cute, soft book is a cuddly toy and a photo album in one. While your little one plays with the book, he will go on a voyage of discovery. The booklet is full of attractive colours, sensory ribbons that your child can play with, a mirror and crackling ears. As you can put nice … Continued

Snack fish

This fish is very hungry, but where is its food? Will you help the fish find his food? Take a bath together and look for the three foam snacks and let them slide into the belly of the fish. Mmm that tasted great! The snack fish provides great fun in the bath.

Shape sorter suitcase bus

I’m going on a journey and I’m taking with me… This red bus can hold lots of happy animals and all kinds of luggage. Will you help me get on the bus? There are still a few seats left. Put the 12 figures in the shape sorter and take it everywhere you go. Due to … Continued

Tattoos for children – Fairytales

Wow, these metallic effect tattoos make your arm shine. Will you go for a tough princess on a skateboard or will you stick a nice unicorn on your arm? This set contains as many as 40 funny, cheerful figures. The tattoos are easy to apply and are also easy to wash off the skin.

Dress up costume set merchant

Step into the world of Petits pretenders and become a real supermarket salesman with this dress set! This set contains an apron, play money coins and six supermarket products to start your supermarket with. The first customer has already arrived! How much money does he have to pay for a carton of milk and a … Continued