Sophie la girafe – Sticking shapes


This set contains six Sophie la girafe cards that need to be filled in with coloured shapes. With the magical finger glue, you can stick the missing shapes on the right spots. The finger glue goes on blue, so you can see where you have put the glue. That’s really useful, because then you know exactly where to stick the pieces. When the glue dries, the blue colour vanishes. Wow, it’s like magic!




  • Finger glue goes on blue and dries transparent
  • The finger glue is very safe and easy to wash off skin and wash out of most textiles
  • Fun Sophie la girafe cards and mosaic shapes
  • 6 Sophie la girafe cards
  • Finger glue
  • Paper mosaic shapes
  • EAN code: 8710341144951
  • Artikelnummer: 14495
  • Minimale leeftijd: 1 yr(s)