Activity colouring book glitter 3 in 1

The glittery activities and colouring book gives you hours of entertainment. As well as colouring, you can scratch, do diamond painting with pearls, and stick on glitter stickers to add the finishing glistening touch to your colouring sheets!

Giant gems diamond painting

Diamond painting, now for little ones too! With this awesome Giant gem diamond painting set, you can make beautiful diamond paintings. The extra large stones are self-adhesive and can be stuck onto six bright cards. Will you make a dazzling turtle or a magical unicorn first?

Glowing unicorns

With these glowing unicorns, your bedroom becomes magical in the dark! Stick the stickers onto the glowing unicorns and create a fantasy world on your wall or ceiling. When it’s dark, they each light up. The set contains four unicorn shapes and double-sided foam stickers that you can use to attach them to the wall. … Continued

Unicorn bubbles

Blowing bubbles is fun, but blowing bubbles with a unicorn… now that’s even better! Make the best, strong bubbles with the SES soap solution and use the unicorn tool!

Unicorn bath bomb surprise

This unicorn bath bomb has a surprise inside! Drop the bath bomb into a full bath tub and you’ll see beautiful colours appear. It’s not just the colours that make bath time fun, the highlight is when the surprise inside the bath bomb is revealed! What surprise is inside your bath bomb?

Iron on beads – Unicorn with mane

Make your own unicorn from iron-on beads! Bring the unicorn to life by decorating it with a mane of embroidery thread and beautiful glitter stickers. Wow, look at the unicorn rays!

Dough with surprise – Unicorn

Cool! In this dough set, there are two hidden Unicorn surprises. Discover which surprises are in your dough set now! With this bright dough from SES, you can make the most wonderful creations. The dough is bright, soft and can be used again and again because of the resealable packaging. You can have hours of … Continued

Sticker maker

Make your own shaker stickers! Nice for your friendship book or diary. Fill the shaker sticker with heart and star sequins and stick the cap over it. Besides the four shaker stickers, you can also colour a lot of cheerful stickers with markers and two colours of glitter glue.

Unicorn jewelery holder

Would you like to conveniently store all your jewellery in one place and give it a prominent place in your room? This unicorn has handy holes and edges to hang your rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Assemble the wooden parts and get started with the six colours of paint and three colours of glitter glue! … Continued

Casting and painting – Unicorns

Do you also love unicorns? This set by SES Creative allows you to carve all kinds of unicorn figurines, made of plaster. Pour the plaster into the mould and let it set. Grab the supplied paint, and paint the twelve figurines whichever way you like. Fun to make and gives a great result!

Glitter horse world – Play suitcase

Live it up with this luxury play case from SES Creative! This themed case allows you to create your own crazy horse play world. Use the dough to make the most beautiful flowers, butterflies, rocks and plants with the glitter dough in three colours and have endless fun with the six fantasy horses provided. You … Continued

Hatching unicorns

Did you know unicorns come out of an egg? Hatch your own unicorn by placing the egg in a container of water. The colourful baby unicorn will grow and after a while, the shell will burst open and you will discover what your unicorn looks like. Breeding a unicorn has never been so exciting!