I learn dinosaurs

Learn about the world of dinosaurs with the I learn dinosaurs set! By sticking, colouring and puzzling, you can learn everything you need to know about dinosaurs. You learn how they looked, what they ate and how you can recognise them. You’ll soon be able to tell a Triceratops from an Apatosaurus!

Iron on beads – Dino world

How cool are these dinosaurs? With this iron on beads set from Beedz, you can make these scary dinosaurs with 2100 iron on beads. Not only that, follow the instructions to make a volcano and dinosaur eggs as well! With Beedz, you can create a whole dinosaur world.

Mega glowing T-Rex world

Who doesn’t want a huge T-Rex above your bed that glows at night? This T-Rex is massive and glows in the dark! He comes with a glow-in-the-dark Pterosaurus and fifteen glow-in-the-dark stars. Decorate your desk, room or ceiling with these cool glowing dinosaurs and stars and wait until it’s dark to watch them come to … Continued

Glowing dino’s

With these glowing dinosaurs, you can transform your bedroom into a cosy, illuminated dinosaur park. Put your favourite dinosaurs together and wait until it’s dark to see all the dinosaurs light up. The set contains 24 dinosaur stickers and double-sided foam stickers that you can attach to the wall. With the special glow-the-dark effect, your … Continued

Dino bubbles

Blowing bubbles is fun, but blowing bubbles with a dinosaur… now that’s even better! Make the best, strong bubbles with the SES soap solution and use the dinosaur tool!

Bubble dino attack

This hungry dinosaur has one goal: to destroy all the bubbles! With the 200 ml Mega Bubbles bubble solution, developed by SES, you can blow strong bubbles. Is the T-Rex strong and fast enough to eat them all up?

Dino bath bomb surprise

A surprise in the bath with this dinosaur bath bomb! You can drop this bath bomb into a full bathtub so it fizzes and creates beautiful colours. It’s not just the colours that make bath time fun, the highlight is when the surprise inside the bath bomb is revealed! What surprise is inside your bath … Continued

Mega bubbles with dino surprise

Throw a big bubble-blowing party with this Dino surprise bubble blower from SES. A cool dino is hiding inside this 200-ml bottle of Mega bubbles. Blow super-strong bubbles and discover which dinosaur you have.

Wooden dino glow in the dark

Cool, with this craft kit you can make your own dinosaur! First put the wooden dinosaur together. What colour will you make your dinosaur? With the included six paint colours, you decide that yourself! The dinosaur becomes even more amazing with the included glow-in-the-dark stickers. During the day you will see your self-made dinosaur and … Continued

Slime – T-rex 2x120gr

Two pots of ready to use slime with different textures. A pot with thick, stretchy, red putty and a pot with liquid, slippery green slime. As a bonus: the green slime also contains a dinosaur! And good news for mum and dad: all of SES Creative’s slime is safe to use and is easy to … Continued

Casting and painting – Dinosaurs

SES presents a fantastic and unusual way for kids to get creative. With this fun and easy-to-use kit, start by making the cast models by tipping the safe mixture into the plastic moulds. Once it has set and dried paint the models however you like with the pots included. A great way of developing creative, … Continued

Metal dinosaur construction set

Dinosaur fans take note. With this SES metal construction set you can build the coolest dinosaurs. Screw the foam and metal parts together with the bolts and nuts. Will you choose the T-rex or Stegosaurus? Hours of crafting fun!