Holographic scratch – Insects

Wow! These scratch cards are very special! The cool insects hidden under the scratch layer have a holographic colour effect. Use the wooden scratch pen to draw your own beautiful patterns on the animals and make them shine even more!

Fashion glitter bag

With this Fashion glitter backpack, you will definitely steal the show at school! You can make yourself a cool glitter unicorn bag! The horn is a big shaker sticker full of stars and the eyes and ears of the unicorn are glitter stickers that you can easily stick on the bag. With the three glitter … Continued

Shrink film – Keychains

Discover the magical effect of shrink film! This set contains everything you need to make your own key rings. Trace the examples, colour them in and then place them in a warm oven. Wow! Look how fast they shrink. They shrink to seven times smaller! Nobody has such unique key rings!

Marble art

Wow, what beautiful creations! You can make these marble effect works of art all by yourself with this craft set. Decorate the wooden shapes with the four colours of marble paint and use the cocktail sticks to add the marble effect. Pulling the cocktail stick through the wet paint according to certain patterns creates nice … Continued

Dress up costume set merchant

Step into the world of Petits pretenders and become a real supermarket salesman with this dress set! This set contains an apron, play money coins and six supermarket products to start your supermarket with. The first customer has already arrived! How much money does he have to pay for a carton of milk and a … Continued

Easy diamonds studio

This jewellery studio contains everything you need to design a lot of jewellery with easy diamond charms! Scoop a little easy diamond powder onto a silver charm and drip the colour you like on it. The colour makes the powder hard and gives you a super-strong charm. Besides easy diamond charms, this design studio contains … Continued

Easy diamonds bracelets

Do you love making jewellery too? With this set, you can easily make beautiful bracelets with special charms. Scoop a little easy diamond powder onto a silver charm and drip the colour you like on it. The colour makes the powder hard and gives you a super-strong charm. With the beads, you design your own … Continued

Recycle mega mix

Do you still have stuff lying around at home that is not used or would be thrown away? Don’t just throw it out, because with this set you can turn old stuff into cheerful creations. This set contains all kinds of accessories to get creative with, such as paint, chenille, embroidery thread, stickers, googly eyes … Continued


A real doctor has a stethoscope with him of course! Listen to your patients’ heartbeat with this real working stethoscope from the Petits pretenders collection of SES. Your girlfriend or boyfriend can also listen to your heartbeat. Who has the highest heart rate? Also nice to combine with the other doctor’s products from the Petits … Continued

Doctors case

This doctor’s case contains everything you need to help your patients. Bandage up your brother’s hand, give your teddy bear an injection or use the plasters after an accident. You know what’s so nice? All the tools in this case are real and thanks to the handy handle you can easily take the case anywhere … Continued

Kitchen play set

Do you like to cook too? Do you want to help at home in the kitchen? Or start your own restaurant? Then this play set from the Petits pretenders line of SES with a wooden kitchen is for you! This play set contains everything you need to become a real kitchen prince or princess. Next … Continued

Mega kitchen set

This comprehensive set of wooden kitchens from the Petits pretenders line from SES includes everything you need to help at home in the kitchen or start your own restaurant. Put on your chef’s apron, we’re hungry! Prepare the most delicious dishes in the two pans, choose from the 9 tastiest ingredients and products and cook … Continued