Mess free glitter art

Crafting with glitter, without the mess, how wonderful! This set contains six sticker cards that you can decorate with shiny foil, diamond stickers, glitter foam stickers and pom poms. Make the unicorn’s mane dazzle or give the mermaid a shiny tail. The cards contain a top layer that you can easily remove, so you can … Continued

Dough with surprise – Unicorn

Cool! In this dough set, there are two hidden Unicorn surprises. Discover which surprises are in your dough set now! With this bright dough from SES, you can make the most wonderful creations. The dough is bright, soft and can be used again and again because of the resealable packaging. You can have hours of … Continued

Mega bubbles with dino surprise

Throw a big bubble-blowing party with this Dino surprise bubble blower from SES. A cool dino is hiding inside this 200-ml bottle of Mega bubbles. Blow super-strong bubbles and discover which dinosaur you have.

Eco dough mega set (7x90gr with tools)

Make the most beautiful dough creations with this cheerful dough by SES. This set contains seven different colours of dough, a wooden rolling pin and different farm-shaped cutters. These cutters are made of plastic recycled from our own waste. Their colours may differ, but the playing experience is always good fun! The dough is bright, … Continued

Bird feeding station

This is cool! You can now build your own wooden feeding station for birds. Follow the easy steps to assemble the feeding station. Hang the station up outside — but don’t forget to add some food for the birds before you do. Which birds can you spot in the garden?

Sticker maker

Make your own shaker stickers! Nice for your friendship book or diary. Fill the shaker sticker with heart and star sequins and stick the cap over it. Besides the four shaker stickers, you can also colour a lot of cheerful stickers with markers and two colours of glitter glue.

Mega bubbles – Refill 2000ml

Extra soap solution for even more bubble blowing fun. This extra-large refill contains 2000 ml of super-strong soapsuds. Enough soapsuds to blow big bubbles or lots of little bubbles. This refill is suitable for all SES Mega bubble products. Mega bubbles bubble blower was developed by SES and formulated to create extra-strong bubbles that are … Continued

Iron on beads – Light garland

Wow, with this set, you can make your own light garland out of iron-on beads. With the included iron-on beads and sheets, you can make the most beautiful figures, like a colourful butterfly or a flower. Attach the figures to the lights with foam tape and your light garland with a glow-in-the-dark effect is ready! … Continued

Iron on beads – Fantasy world

Create your own fantasy world of iron-on beads! With the included iron-on beads and sheets, you can make the most beautiful unicorns, butterflies and mermaids. Also nice for making a beautiful butterfly or mermaid for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Besides beautiful brightly coloured iron-on beads, this set also contains glitter iron-on beads.

Holographic scratch – Fairytales

Wow! These scratch cards are very special! The fairytale figures hidden under the scratch layer have a holographic colour effect. Use the wooden scratch pen to draw your own beautiful patterns or scratch the figures all the way open and make them shine even more!

Unicorn jewelery holder

Would you like to conveniently store all your jewellery in one place and give it a prominent place in your room? This unicorn has handy holes and edges to hang your rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Assemble the wooden parts and get started with the six colours of paint and three colours of glitter glue! … Continued

Fashion glitter scrunchies

How much fun is it if you can decorate your own scrunchies? A must-have for every fashionista! The set consists of two scrunchies and two ribbons. With the four coloured blow airbrush pens and the glitter glue, you can create the coolest figures, patterns and effects!