Marble art


Wow, what beautiful creations! You can make these marble effect works of art all by yourself with this craft set. Decorate the wooden shapes with the four colours of marble paint and use the cocktail sticks to add the marble effect. Pulling the cocktail stick through the wet paint according to certain patterns creates nice figures. Cool, huh?




  • 4 mixable colours of marble paint
  • Specially developed marble paint suitable for children
  • Since the colours do not combine, you can easily create a marble effect in the paint with a stick
  • Includes instructions for the prettiest patterns
  • Real wooden figures
  • Different shapes such as a unicorn, butterfly, heart and star
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Marble paint easily washes off skin and most types of fabric
  • 4 trendy paint colours
  • Wooden shapes
  • 4 pipettes
  • 4 cocktail sticks
  • Instructions
  • EAN code: 8710341147167
  • Artikelnummer: 14716
  • Minimale leeftijd: 5 yr(s)