Making scented candles

A fun and unusual arts and crafts set from SES Creative. Make your own scented candles with this fun and easy-to-use set which makes beautiful-smelling candles. Pour the mixture into the mould and once they have set decorate them however you like to make beautiful and unique candles. SES has been the specialist in creative … Continued

3 in 1 Glamour tattoos

This luxury 3-in-1 beauty set from SES Creative allows you to decorate yourself with the most beautiful fashion tattoos. This set contains wonderful metallic tattoos, transparent sticker tattoos for sprinkling on various brightly coloured glitters yourself and a special skin glue. Use the glue to write your name or create your own drawing on your … Continued

Casting and painting – Butterfly and glitter

SES presents a fantastic and unusual way for kids to get creative. With this fun and easy-to-use kit, start by making the cast models by tipping the safe mixture into the plastic moulds. Once it has set and dried, paint the models however you like with the pots included. A great way of developing creative, … Continued


The poster paint from SES is known for its quality and, most of all, the bright colours that provide a good, thick coverage. The poster paint contains six colours: Red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. By mixing these colours together, you can create lots more paint colours. Which colours will you mix together? The … Continued

Tie-dye textile paint

Steal the show with your own tie-dye creations! With this tie-dye set, you can decorate different items, such as a pair of socks, trousers, shirts, bags or pillow cases. Roll, crumple or fold the items up, fasten them with some elastic bands and you are ready to paint. Follow the instructions and make beautiful designs. … Continued

Making marble soaps

How cool are these marble effect soaps? You can make them all by yourself! With the included soap base, colour solutions and cutters, you can create the most beautiful soap figures. The soaps smell amazing and are extra special because of the marble effect that you make yourself by mixing different colours.

Mini weaving looms

With these four wooden mini weaving frames and the six colours of embroidery thread, you can weave four cheerful little animals. To make them complete you can decorate the weaving frames with glitter stickers. Which animal will you make? Are you going for the cute unicorn or the laid-back sloth?

Light garland

Make a trendy light garland for your room. Make the colourful yarns wet in a mix with water and the included glue and wrap it around the balloons. Let it dry and it becomes hard. Now you have colourful light balls which you slip over eight warm-white LED lights. Really cosy in your room! With … Continued

Furry colouring book

15 colouring pages with furry hair-animals to colour. The soft hair is visible on each page, making this coloring book unique! With 40 extra glitter stickers to decorate your drawings.

Hatching unicorns

Did you know unicorns come out of an egg? Hatch your own unicorn by placing the egg in a container of water. The colourful baby unicorn will grow and after a while, the shell will burst open and you will discover what your unicorn looks like. Breeding a unicorn has never been so exciting!

L.O.L. – Scratch surprise

In this set from SES Creative, you’ll find five black scratch cards. But exactly which L.O.L. Surprise character that lies beneath the black scratch layer is a surprise. Quickly grab the scratch pen that’s supplied and find out!

Brushset 3 pieces

A must-have for any budding artist; a set of high-quality paint brushes for children. In three different sizes, this is a fantastic first set for children and can be used for a variety of painting activities. Light-weight, durable, with comfortable handles, these brushes are perfect for children. SES has been the specialist in creative toys … Continued