Eco fingerpaint 4 colours

Introduce your child to the environmentally-friendly way to play! ECO products are made with a high percentage of natural resources and use recycled plastic. This fantastic set of fingerpaints is a great way of encouraging your child’s creativity while allowing some time for messy play! Easy to clean up, these paints are super-washable, non-toxic and … Continued

Sally sensory giraffe

Meet Sally, this cute soft giraffe has very special ears, arms and legs. When you pull on her left foot, for example, her right arm gets shorter. Sally the sensory giraffe has more secrets. Her ears crackle and she has a tiny mirror on her foot. Sally is suitable for children of age 3 months … Continued

My first – Dough with tools 3x90gr

My First is a product line developed especially for the very youngest creative minds. The products in this line are ergonomic, extremely safe, hypoallergenic and gluten free. You cant go wrong with SES clay products. This set contains clay in 3 fun colours and clay tools. Unleash your creativity with the hammer and roller. What … Continued

Coloured chalk with wiper

With the SES chalk, you can make beautiful drawings in all the colours of the rainbow. These blackboard chalks are less dusty than other chalks. Not completely satisfied with your work? Wipe the board clean with the chalkboard wiper and start again. Handy for at home or at school.