My Melody – Spike


Emotimals from SES are more than just soft cuddly toys. The My Melody Emotimals are for the very little ones and can be attached to the cot, car seat, pram or buggy. These have a special heart that can record your singing or message. The MyMelody Emotimal means mum, dad, grandma or granddad are always close by!

All Emotimals are made of fabric with different textures so these are wonderfully soft. Shake one and you can record a song or play it back.

Spike the hedgehog stands out because of his spines! These are not sharp, but are actually really soft and fun to twiddle with! Sing a cheerful song and record it onto the specially designed heart. Your reassuring voice will make your child happy.




  • The heart records your familiar voice and when played your child will feel reassured
  • No need for an app or internet connection to record your voice
  • The heart does not contain small parts
  • You can always re-record new songs or messages onto the heart
  • Sing a song or record a loving message onto the heart
  • Spike the cuddly toy hedgehog
  • Recordable heart
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