Light garland


Make a trendy light garland for your room. Make the colourful yarns wet in a mix with water and the included glue and wrap it around the balloons. Let it dry and it becomes hard. Now you have colourful light balls which you slip over eight warm-white LED lights. Really cosy in your room! With the enclosed mouth pump, you can inflate the balloons safely and easily.




  • Beautiful trendy light garland for in your room or along your bed
  • Easy to make with yarns, glue and balloons
  • With mouth pump to inflate the balloons
  • Simple and easy activity with a good outcome
  • Just as nice as the garlands you can buy for in-home decorating
  • Really shines in the dark
  • Garlands are very popular
  • Light garland with 8 warm-white led lights 10 x Balloons small Mouth pump Nylon thread white Nylon thread bright pin Nylon thread light pink Nylon thread aqua Glue 4 x Wooden sticks Instructions
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