My Trusted Scent – Daisy


Mum and dad’s scent reassures babies and small children and has a calming effect. The special heart in the My Trusted Scent Emotimals from SES makes these more than soft cuddly toys with long arms and a tail. The fabric heart is designed to absorb your familiar scent when you wear it on your body. The heart fits in the special pouch in the cuddly toy, so your child will always have a familiar scent around her. All Emotimals are made of fabrics with different textures so they cuddle wonderfully.

Daisy the sheep has really soft fur and long ears that are fun to cuddle.




  • Soft cuddly toy with long arms and tail
  • Special fabric heart that absorbs your scent
  • Cuddly toy with a special pouch for the heart
  • Daisy the cuddly toy sheep
  • Removable fabric heart
  • EAN code: 8710341144722
  • Artikelnummer: 14472
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