My first – Dough shape stacking animals


Do you love playing with dough and building towers? With this set you can easily make different shapes that you can use to build a cool tower. With the animal heads supplied, you can also create happy farm animals. Fun guaranteed!




  • Very soft dough
  • Mix and play
  • Does not dry out while playing.
  • Washes out well
  • Beautiful, bright dough
  • Gluten free
  • Safe to use the dough is extremely salty so children will not eat it.
  • Light-blue dough (90g)
  • Orange dough (90g)
  • Pink dough (90g)
  • Green dough (90g)
  • 3 Cutters (6 shapes)
  • Wooden rolling pin
  • Cardboard animal figures
  • EAN code: 8710341144395
  • Artikelnummer: 14439
  • Minimale leeftijd: 1 yr(s)