Making marble soaps


How cool are these marble effect soaps? You can make them all by yourself! With the included soap base, colour solutions and cutters, you can create the most beautiful soap figures. The soaps smell amazing and are extra special because of the marble effect that you make yourself by mixing different colours.




  • Make your own unique marble soap
  • Create beautiful colour transitions
  • Includes 4 cutters to make small butterfly and flower soaps
  • Cosmetically tested
  • Real soap for hand-washing, in the bath or in the shower
  • Soap base
  • cosmetic pink colour solution
  • cosmetic blue colour solution
  • cosmetic yellow colour solution
  • Round pouring tray
  • 4 flower and butterfly shape cutters
  • 3 pipettes
  • 3 mixing sticks
  • 3 cocktail sticks
  • Instructions
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