Bath bombs


Make your own lovely-smelling bath bombs with this set from SES Creative. Follow the instructions step by step and combine the bath bomb mix with the lovely, scented colour solution. Use the moulds included to create beautiful, round bath bombs. Make a lovely-smelling blue or yellow bath bomb or mix the colours together. Cosmetically tested. Contains two beautiful organza storage bags and a luxury storage tin.




  • Beautiful bright colours and delicious scents
  • Includes luxury storage tin and two pretty organza storage bags
  • Cosmetically tested
  • Washes out well
  • Made in Holland.
  • Mix for bath bombs2 bottles of scent and colour solutionMeasuring beakerSpatulaPipette4 moulds2 organza storage bagsInstructionsLuxury storage tin
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  • Minimale leeftijd: 8 yr(s)