Eco fingerpaint set with apron – 100% recycled


This ECO finger paint set contains different colours of finger paint, an activity apron and a roll of recycled paper that you can use to create beautiful works of art. Choose a fun colour and use your fingers to draw. You don’t need to worry about getting your clothes dirty because the ECO apron in the set will protect you against stains. The apron is made of 100% recycled PET bottles and is specially designed for our ECO line.

The ECO line contains a higher percentage of natural raw materials and uses recycled materials.




  • Apron made of recycled PET bottles
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Activity apron suitable for children 1 year old and above
  • Velcro fastener
  • Does not leak
  • PVC free
  • High percentage of natural raw materials
  • Very soft dough
  • Mix and play
  • Does not dry out while playing.
  • Washes out well
  • Beautiful, bright dough
  • Gluten free
  • Safe to use the dough is extremely salty so children will not eat it
  • Real wooden tools
  • Made in Holland
  • ECO activity apron 100% R-PET with print (size 2-6 years old)
  • Yellow finger paint (120ml)
  • Red finger paint (120ml)
  • Blue finger paint (120ml)
  • Green finger paint (120ml)
  • Roll of paper (2 metres, recycled paper)
  • EAN code: 8710341249243
  • Artikelnummer: 24924
  • Minimale leeftijd: 2 yr(s)