Painting galaxy stones


With cool rub-on stickers, glitter glue and six colours of paint, the five stones can be transformed into real galaxy stones! A rearing unicorn, planets or some feathers? Use creativity and choose your favourite rub on stickers. Rub them onto one of the painted stones and create unique combinations. And a layer of glitter glue will make the stones will look sparkly and magical.




  • Rub-on transfers for easily adding images
  • Beautiful white rocks
  • Real stones
  • Bright colours and thick paint
  • With the sponge stamp, you can easily add beautiful colour effects
  • Galaxy theme
  • Glitter for a special galaxy effect
  • 5 white stones
  • Rub on transfer sheets
  • 6 colours of poster paint (6x5 ml)
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Silver glitter glue (5 ml)
  • Instructions
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