Galaxy mood jewellery


What mood are you in today? With the galaxy mood jewellery, children can make special jewellery. The charms show your mood! Children can not only create beautiful bracelets and necklaces but also be amazed by the changing colours of the charms! The set contains temperature-sensitive charms in a star shape, and a moon, pearl and silvered coloured beads, cord and elastic for creating different pieces of jewellery.




  • Charms that reflect your mood with different colours
  • Temperature-sensitive charms
  • Make your own necklace and bracelets
  • Simple threaded jewellery
  • Galaxy theme
  • Elastic bracelets that can be cut to size
  • 2 colour-changing star charms
  • 1 colour-changing moon charm
  • Pearl beads mix
  • Silver beads
  • Rainbow elastic cord
  • Pink satin thread
  • Instructions
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