Glass beads bracelets


Using the wooden weaving frames, children can weave the prettiest bracelets. The elastic thread is easy to stretch over the frame and with the glass beads you can make thin and thick bracelets. Children can choose their favourite patterns and colours. This set not only gives you an afternoon of fun, it also stimulates creativity and fine motor skills in children.




  • Handy wooden frame loom
  • Just stretch the elastic over the loom to start weaving with beads
  • Choose between thin and wide bracelets
  • Create your own patterns
  • Glass beads in beautiful bright colours;
  • With a handy thin weaving needle especially for glass beads
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Stimulates motor skills
  • Wooden frame loom
  • Glass bead mix
  • Pink elastic thread
  • Gold thread
  • Weaving needle
  • Instructions
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