I love horses – Jewellery studio


This I love horses – Jewellery studio is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with horses. With the different types of beads, elastic, cord, letter beads and horse charms, you can create unique jewellery with a horse theme. With the handy design tray, children can let their creativity run wild and create different designs of their own jewellery. Necklaces or bracelets? Make them all!




  • Handy design tray for sorting and designing your own jewellery
  • The necklace shaped edge with measurements is useful for designing (symmetrical) necklaces and bracelets
  • Horse-themed charms
  • Letter beads for adding text
  • Many different types and colours of beads
  • Elastic cord for comfortable bracelets
  • Wax cord for necklaces
  • Nylon thread for invisible attachments
  • Handy needle for threading beads
  • Complete set for designing your own jewellery
  • Make your own designs
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Stimulates motor skills;
  • Plastic bead design studio
  • 2 horse charms
  • 6 heart charms
  • Stickers for heart charms
  • Plastic pearl bead mix
  • Plastic coloured bead mix
  • Silver-coloured bead mix
  • Bodkin needle
  • Faceted coloured beads mix
  • Letter beads mix
  • Glass bead mix
  • Silver elastic cord
  • Pink elastic cord
  • Rainbow elastic cord
  • Pink cord
  • Light-pink cord
  • Nylon thread
  • Instructions
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