Blow airbrush pens – Dinosaurs magic colour change


Kids can use these blow airbrush pens to make the coolest dinosaurs. Use the templates to create the dinosaurs and skeletons by blowing on the pens. But that’s not all! First, blow to create dinosaurs in different colours and then use the white blow airbrush pen to watch the colours change. Magical!




  • Magical colour-changing blow airbrush pens
  • Dinosaur theme
  • Cool dinosaurs and skeletons
  • First blow a colour onto the dinosaur and then blow on the skeleton in white to watch the skeleton change colour!
  • Printed cards with a dinosaur theme
  • Bright colours
  • Washes out well
  • Brown/green colour-changing blow airbrush pen
  • Violet/pink colour-changing blow airbrush pen
  • Blue/turquoise colour-changing blow airbrush pen
  • Kleurveranderende blow airbrush stift oranje-geel
  • Orange/yellow colour-changing blow airbrush pen
  • White magic blow airbrush pen
  • 2 cover sheets
  • 3 dinosaurs templates
  • 6 printed cards
  • Instructions
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