Stacking blocks tower with animal figures


Get stacking! With this stacking blocks tower from SES Creative, children can entertain themselves for hours. Seven open stacking blocks with super fun illustrations are home to the three wooden animal figures that come with this set! Stack the blocks in different ways and let the animals walk through the holes in the tower. Each side of the tower forms a new stack or row with a different theme. Make a train, tree, street, tower and more! The blocks fall easily into eachother, which makes them super easy to store and save space.




  • The sides of the blocks have different designs that fit together in the different sizes
  • The stacking tower can be stacked in many different ways
  • The stacking blocks fit together and can be stored compactly
  • Includes three wooden animal play figures
  • Three stacking blocks have holes for figures to pass through
  • Modern, colourful illustrations
  • 7 open stacking blocks in different sizes
  • 3 wooden animal toy figures
  • EAN code: 8710341131425
  • Artikelnummer: 13142
  • Minimale leeftijd: 6 maanden