Marble game – Wooden archboards

Knikker spel - Houten poortjes - 02301
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Knikker spel - Houten poortjes - 02301
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Marbles with an added challenge! This marble game with wooden archboards and eight marbles can be played anywhere. From the playground to the living room, you can start playing the game anywhere with the handy marble bag. The wooden archboards can be placed anywhere to create a course. With the scorecard and pegs it’s easy to keep track of your score. Who will be the winner?

This marble game – wooden archboards set contains three wooden archboards, eight marbles and a handy storage bag. It also includes a score card and two mini pegs.




  • Can be played anywhere
  • Wooden archboards
  • Make up your own distance and rules
  • Re-usable scorecard
  • Handy storage bag for all the parts and marbles;
  • 3 wooden gates
  • 8 marbles (Ø14mm)
  • Scorecard
  • 2 mini peg
  • Storage bag
  • EAN code: 8710341023010
  • Artikelnummer: 02301
  • Minimale leeftijd: 3 jaar