Casting and painting – Dinosaur world


This set is specially created for all dinosaur fans! You can easily create nine different dinosaurs by mixing the moulding powder with water and pouring it in the mould. As soon as the plaster is hard you can start painting the dinosaur in six different dinosaur colours. Will you start with the T-Rex, Stegosaurus or perhaps the Triceratops? Paint them all and your dinosaur world will be complete!




  • Stimulates creativity
  • Washes out well
  • Easily washable
  • Quick-drying plaster
  • Reusable mould
  • Dinosaur casting mould
  • Moulding powder (300gr)
  • Spatula
  • Brush
  • 6 colours of poster paint
  • Sponge;
  • Instructions
  • EAN code: 8710341014032
  • Artikelnummer: 01403
  • Minimale leeftijd: 5 yr(s)