My first – Dough mega set with tools

Is there anything more fun than an afternoon spent playing with dough? With this mega set with tools, children can entertain themselves for hours with the various cutters, rolling pin and hammer. You can make the entire farm, from the farmer to the cows and sheep. Everything is possible with the brightly coloured dough.

Dough – Traffic

Create your own world with this dough set! Make your own play road with the fifteen traffic signs and use the dough to create the coolest cars that you can drive around. Follow the instructions to build the cars step by step. How will you design your road?

Travel window sticker bingo

Bingo! Going on a car ride, whether long or short, has never been so fun! With Travel window sticker bingo, you can turn the trip into a game. Stick all the window stickers on the window of the car and keep your bingo card at the ready. The stickers show different images. Do you see … Continued

Shape sorter suitcase bus

I’m going on a journey and I’m taking with me… This red bus can hold lots of happy animals and all kinds of luggage. Will you help me get on the bus? There are still a few seats left. Put the 12 figures in the shape sorter and take it everywhere you go. Due to … Continued

Sand play mat – Water and roads

Take this play mat outdoors, unroll it on a sandy surface and it is ready for role playing! Drive around, park inside the garage, or take the boat to the other side of the water. Cars and boat included.

Airplane folding

Rediscover a classic arts and craft activity with this aeroplane folding set. Make amazing paper aeroplanes with this easy-to-use set which provides funky paper and clear instructions so making fantastic planes couldn’t be easier. Watch them fly around the room or place them on the stands. SES has been the specialist in creative toys for … Continued