Glitter bracelets

Girls take note! SES has a new set for making glitter bracelets! With glittery wire and chenille, you can design the most beautiful bracelets yourself. You can use the wire and the chenille in a variety of ways. Twisting, braiding, knotting, just try it! Mix and match the different colours and beads, add charms and … Continued

Activity colouring book glow in the dark 3 in 1

This activities and colouring book not only allows you to colour in beautiful colouring pages. It also contains glow-in-the-dark scratch pages and lots of mosaic stickers that can be stuck onto the different pages! Turn every colouring page into a work of art!

Activity colouring book glitter 3 in 1

The glittery activities and colouring book gives you hours of entertainment. As well as colouring, you can scratch, do diamond painting with pearls, and stick on glitter stickers to add the finishing glistening touch to your colouring sheets!

Easy rings and glitter bracelets

It’s easy to make gorgeous jewellery and charms at home with this set. With the three glitter bracelets and wooden charms, you can create different bracelets and rings, Paint the charms or stick the holographic stickers onto your rings and bracelets. Weaving, sticking stickers and dazzling!

Giant gems diamond painting

Diamond painting, now for little ones too! With this awesome Giant gem diamond painting set, you can make beautiful diamond paintings. The extra large stones are self-adhesive and can be stuck onto six bright cards. Will you make a dazzling turtle or a magical unicorn first?

Fashion glitter bag

With this Fashion glitter backpack, you will definitely steal the show at school! You can make yourself a cool glitter unicorn bag! The horn is a big shaker sticker full of stars and the eyes and ears of the unicorn are glitter stickers that you can easily stick on the bag. With the three glitter … Continued

Colouring glitter cards

This crafting set from SES Creative contains six bright glitter cards that you can colour in. These special glitter cards allow you to colour on top of the glitter layer with a pencil for a colourful and dazzling result. Finished colouring? Stick the glitter card above your bed.

Dough – Drip cakes

Make amazing drip cakes using this dough set from SES Creative. Choose one of the four colours of gluten-free glitter dough and use tools and the ice cream cups to make them. Press the cardboard parts supplied into the dough and sprinkle foam sprinkles on top as finishing touch! All of SES Creative’s dough is … Continued

Fashion glitter face tattoos – Cat

Fashion glitter face jewels are completely in! The tattoo stickers and diamond stones are easy to apply to the skin and conjure you into a festive glitter cat! Miaow!

Dough glitter 4x90g

Make the most beautiful dough creations with this lovely glitter dough by SES. The glitter dough is beautiful, soft and can be used again and again because of the resealable packaging. You can have hours of fun with dough. The dough is safe to use; it is extremely salty so children will not eat it.

Fashion glitter face tattoos – Butterfly

Fashion glitter face jewels are completely in! The tattoo stickers and diamond stones are easy to apply to the skin and conjure you into a festive glitter butterfly! Wow!