Playground chalk safari

Create your own safari on the pavement with chalk in bright colours! Which animals and prints will you draw? It’s up to you! With the animal and animal print templates, you can let your creativity run wild. How about a crocodile with zebra stripes? Or an elephant with a leopard print? Create your own safari … Continued

Activity colouring book glow in the dark 3 in 1

This activities and colouring book not only allows you to colour in beautiful colouring pages. It also contains glow-in-the-dark scratch pages and lots of mosaic stickers that can be stuck onto the different pages! Turn every colouring page into a work of art!

Lacing animals with beads

Can you put the crocodile back together again? This animal set comes with beads. The animals need their bodies back! It’s your job to thread them back together again. Use the colourful beads and different colours of shoelaces to thread the animals back together.

I learn – Latches board

I learn about locks. With this wooden latches board, your child will soon learn how different locks work and how to open them. It stimulates your little one’s imagination and motor skills. The various locks encourage children to open them and when they are open you can see a bright illustration that tells a story. … Continued

I learn dinosaurs

Learn about the world of dinosaurs with the I learn dinosaurs set! By sticking, colouring and puzzling, you can learn everything you need to know about dinosaurs. You learn how they looked, what they ate and how you can recognise them. You’ll soon be able to tell a Triceratops from an Apatosaurus!

Zig zag origami animals

Make a happy fox, a cute puppy or a loud elephant with the Zig zag origami animals! With this set, you can fold different animals. Cut along the cutting lines on the coloured paper and get a grown-up to help you fold along the folding lines. You can make an elephant with floppy ears or … Continued

Animal weaving XL

These fun animals are missing something… their outfits aren’t quite right yet! And you can help them. With the six coloured ribbons, you can style the koala, fox, dog and cat. Choose a nice colour and wrap their outfits. It’s really easy to find good combinations and with the paper weaving needles, you can learn … Continued

Yarn wrap animals

Brr… it’s chilly! These animals are cold. Give them their coats using the five colours of thread. Wrap the sheep in some extra wool and give the hedgehog a bright coat. When the animals have warmed up a bit, you can add the glitter stickers to decorate them.

My first – Dough mega set with tools

Is there anything more fun than an afternoon spent playing with dough? With this mega set with tools, children can entertain themselves for hours with the various cutters, rolling pin and hammer. You can make the entire farm, from the farmer to the cows and sheep. Everything is possible with the brightly coloured dough.

Decorate wooden butterflies – Inspired by nature

Aren’t these butterflies beautiful? This crafting set contains wooden images that you can stick together with glue. Use the shiny holographic paper to decorate the wings and use the paint to turn the butterflies beautiful colours. Finished making your butterflies? Now you can display them on the wooden stands. That way they’ll stay in pristine … Continued

Iron on beads – Safari animals

With this iron on beads safari set, you can make real 3D animals. Make an elephant, tiger or crocodile, built up with layers of iron on beads. Glue the layers onto the printed parts to create your 3D safari animals. Watch the safari come to life! SES Creative’s iron-on beads do not contain PVC and … Continued

Iron on beads – Cute family animals

This iron on beads set from SES Creative provides you with hours of creative fun. With this set, you can make these cute animals and their mothers. Will you make the cute little elephant, or how about the bunnies? The 1800 iron on beads, pegboard supplied and examples are bound to give you an afternoon … Continued