A beautiful iron-on beads work of art

Make your own beautiful iron-on beads work of art measuring 30cmx40cm with BEEDZ Art. A real eye-catcher for your living room or bedroom wall.

Simply place the beads according to the pattern shown on the large instruction sheet. Then, iron the beads together. The set contains 7000 iron-on beads in the right mix of colours, six connectible iron-on beads pegboards, an instruction poster with a large example picture and a large ironing sheet.

BEEDZ Art is a complete activity, with everything you need to get started on a new creative challenge!

How it works:


Tips for laying the iron-on beads:

  • Lay the sheets on a flat surface that you can move around if necessary. Then simply couple them together.
  • The red lines on the manual are the same as the sheets.
  • Use a ruler or a sheet of paper on the example to keep track of where you are; the dots on the side are a handy tool for this.
  • Leave the first row of pegs free all around as this gives a nicer iron-on result.
  • Not sure which colour to use? At the bottom of the example are all the possible colours of the included iron-on beads to help you.

Tips for iron-on beads:

  • Keep something heavy at hand that you can put on the ironed part as this will prevent warping. A heavy book or breadboard is suitable for this.
  • Iron from left to right. Start ironing on one side and slowly work towards the other side.
  • Do not move the iron but hold it in the same place for about 10 to 15 seconds. Do not apply pressure to the iron.
  • After ironing, allow the beads to cool down well with something heavy on top.
  • After about 15 to 20 minutes, your work of art can be placed in a picture frame as this prevents warping. Your artwork is ready to be hung up!

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