Yeso blanco 12 piezas


A set of twelve high-quality, white chalks for children. The chalks are a bright white and create beautiful designs on boards. Mess-free, these chalks are not only fully washable from fabrics and hands but are anti-dust so will not leave a mess after children have played with them. Long-lasting, use these chalks to write messages or draw pictures. Designed to be used by children, these chalks are very strong and so will not break easily even with regular use. SES has been the specialist in creative toys for more than 40 years. We develop and produce a complete range of creative toys. Child development is the central concept in the development of our products. As development is important during the early years, it is important that a child has the opportunity to develop his or her talents and to use their creativity. Besides developing creativity, safety and quality are the most important aspects of all our products! Each year, this expertise is enjoyed by more than 14 million satisfied consumers in 70 countries. The products we develop are essential to the different developmental stages of any child.




  • Very strong
  • Dust-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Bright colours
  • SES writing instruments produce the most beautiful colours, don’t stain and are easily washable.
  • 12 x Chalk
  • EAN code: 8710341002008
  • Artikelnummer: 00200
  • Minimale leeftijd: 3 año(s)