My son/daughter swallowed some dough or paint. Is it hazardous?

Not at all! Your child is discovering the world around them and that means that they want to ‘try’ everything. SES takes that into account. That is why all our products are safe. We obviously do advise you never to leave young children alone to play with dough or paint.

Our children love to play with Colouring in the bath, but will it stain my bath?

No need to worry. The drawings are easy to remove and will not leave a residue when used normally.

Is the SES Creative dough gluten-free?

Yes, it is! All our dough is gluten-free.

What ratio of water to plaster should I use when using the Casting and Painting products?

There are two types of moulds. If you have a product with a latex mould, you should fill it to the line with water and then fill the mould with plaster until it is full. If you have a product with a plastic mould, use a ratio of 1 part water and 2 parts plaster. … Continued