Drawing with laces


Bring these cute animals to life by tracing them with coloured shoelaces. Place one of the eight tracing cards on the drawing board. Choose a fun colour and use the drawing pen to trace the cards. Which animal will you trace? When you’re done, you can easily remove the shoelaces from the velcro drawing board and start on a new design.




  • Handy drawing board and pen
  • Fun cards to trace with shoelaces
  • Shoelaces in different lengths that match the cards
  • Shoelaces can be pulled off from the velcro.
  • Design your own creations
  • Set is re-usable.
  • Velcro drawing board
  • 8 tracing cards
  • 12 shoelaces in four colours
  • Drawing pen
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  • Minimale leeftijd: 3 yr(s)