Slime battle blaster


It’s every kid’s dream: a slime fight! With the Slime battle blaster, you can shoot slime more than 10 metres! Simply fill the slime gun with the slippery green slime supplied. There’s enough for over 75 shots. Everybody ready? Shoot! The slime is safe and easy to wash out of fabrics. Refills available in fluorescent green (02273) and neon orange (02274).




  • Ready to use slime (no need to add water)
  • Contains enough slime for more than 75 shots
  • Shoots over a distance of 10 meters
  • Washes out well
  • Refill available in two colours: fluorescent green and neon orange.
  • Slime gun Slime fluorescent green, 750ml
  • Artikelnummer: 02271
  • Minimale leeftijd: 5 yr(s)