Green Beedz – Iron on beads set triceratops dino





  • Eco iron on beads pegboards are made of recycled plastic
  • Pegboards are made from a clean recycling stream that meets EN71 toy standards
  • Eco iron on beads mix is largely made of a sugar-cane-based plastic
  • Eco iron on beads are 100% compatible with other iron on beads
  • Does not contain PVC
  • Beads can be joined
  • Good quality;
  • Bright colours
  • Motor skills development
  • Facilitates parent-child interaction;
  • Stimulates imagination
  • Eco triceratops pegboard
  • 1200 Eco iron-on-beads mix
  • Ironing paper;
  • EAN code: 8710341064068
  • Artikelnummer: 06406
  • Minimal age: 5 yr(s)