Travel window sticker bingo

Bingo! Going on a car ride, whether long or short, has never been so fun! With Travel window sticker bingo, you can turn the trip into a game. Stick all the window stickers on the window of the car and keep your bingo card at the ready. The stickers show different images. Do you see … Continued

First to find – Search, ring and collect

This game can be played with all your friends and you get to decide how big the playing field is. First to find is very exciting! With the 54 playing cards, you design the playing field. Position the bell and throw the dice. What have you thrown? An orange elephant with a bow tie? Run! … Continued

Tennis and frisbee fun

Tennis and frisbee fun is the perfect game to take with you and play anywhere. In your back garden, on the beach or on holiday: tennis and frisbee fun is compact enough to take with you and can be played in two different ways. Use the extra large tennis-frisbees for trampoline tennis or as frisbees. … Continued

XL Jumping rope (5 meter)

The XL Jumping rope is five metres long! This means you can play with all your friends at the same time. The rope is strong and comes in bright neon colours. Discover all the different ways of jumping!

Walking bobbins

A timeless outdoor toy with a modern twist. These walking bobbins are made of wood and come in fun colours! Walk smoothly on the flat sides or give yourself a challenge by walking on the rounded edges. You decide how tricky to make it.

Cup catch – Cat

Can you catch the mouse with the cat? This is the challenge of the Cup Catch – Cat. Try to throw the ball into the wooden cup. How many times can you get the cat to catch the mouse? Cup Catch – Cat is a solid wood cup with a ball attached with a string. … Continued

Bubble rocket

Catch, piggy in the middle or a real rocket launch. The bubble rocket from SES is so much fun! This rocket releases a trail of bubbles behind it when you throw it. And with the soap solution from SES, you’ll have the strongest bubbles ever. Build the rocket and stick the stickers with three astronauts … Continued

Butterfly bubbles

With this tool in the shape of a butterfly, you can make lots and lots of bubbles! Jump up and down, sprint or wave this butterfly tool in the wind. With the butterfly bubbles, you can make countless bubbles and have hours of outdoor fun!

Hole tarp – Whitewater course

This large play sheet can be used by two or four children. Work together to keep the ball(s) on the sheet and follow the routes mapped out! Make sure that the two water splash balls don’t slip through the holes. Can you keep everything balanced?

Splash water balls

Water balloons without the mess! Splash water balloons are the best sustainable alternative for endless playtime fun. Dunk the balls in a bucket of water and throw! Who’ll get hit first? From water fights to catch, the splash water balls can be used in so many different ways. Splash water balls are a sustainable alternative … Continued

Jump! animals – French skipping challenges

Elastic with a twist: this is Jump! Animals. The spinner board decides which type of cool trick you need to carry out and how you should hold the glittery elastic rope. The 27 play cards with fun animals show you how many tricks you can do. Jump, twist and stomp! Animals is the ultimate game … Continued

Playground chalk 22pcs bucket

SES is famous for its pavement chalk! The pavement chalk from SES Creative is known for its bright colours and strength. This bucket is full of different colours of pavement chalk, making being creative outdoors even more fun! This bucket contains 22 beautiful colours, including black! What are you going to draw for your neighbours … Continued