Everyone loves iron on beads! You can make so many amazing things with them! Even your mum secretly enjoys playing with iron on beads. ☺ Especially after she's heard that our beads are PVC-free and made in our factory in Enschede.

Huge range of iron on beads

Need something to do on a rainy day? Want to craft with your friends? Or are you looking for a fun and affordable gift? Our Beedz are great for every occasion! You can use the individual boards and beads to make your own unique designs. Or you can choose one of our complete sets with themes including owls, dinosaurs, emoticons and dreamcatchers. You can even make your favourite Frozen, Cars, Finding Dory and Minions characters with Beedz!

3D iron on beads

With our Beedz, you can make both flat works of art and art that can stand upright. Create separate pieces with iron on beads and stick them together when you're done. You can make fun 3D animals and cool vehicles. Have you ever tried this?


Iron on beads special varieties

There are so many different kinds of SES iron on beads. Not only can you buy them in your favourite colour, but there are also fun special varieties available such as glittery iron on beads, beads that smell like flowers and even iron on beads that glow in the dark.

Packshot SES Strijkkralen Minions (14743)
Packshot SES Strijkkralenset Uil (06124)
Packshot SES Strijkkralenset Dinosaurus (06125)
Packshot SES Strijkkralenmix 12000 (00779)