Who is SES

SES Creative staat voor knutselen


SES Nederland has been a manufacturer of creative and educational toys for over 40 years. The company was founded in 1972 by the Scholtz family and has since become an established name in the global toy market. The head office and production facilities are located in Enschede. Here new products are invented, developed and manufactured. Nearly all the products therefore bear the stamp ‘Made in Holland’. 

Before a new product can be made, it needs to be invented. This happens in the development department. Here a team of creatives from different disciplines are engaged on a daily basis in inventing and developing new ideas. Every year, around 75 products are developed in response to the latest trends and developments.

Once a new product has been developed, it goes to the laboratory where the quality and safety of the products are closely monitored. The developed products must comply with very stringent requirements and are subjected to intensive testing using the most recent specialist equipment.

When everything has been approved, the product can be manufactured in the factory applying modern production methods and using very high quality and certified materials. Mixing, cutting, kneading, shaping and filling of the products are performed in the multifaceted machine park. Different parts are then combined and packaged as a set. All the personnel regularly attend refresher training programmes to maintain and where necessary raise performance levels.

Behind the factory is a large warehouse where all the products are stored. Every day, the items are carefully packed before being shipped all over the world. This ensures that the products arrive at their destination, anywhere in the world, in good condition.

SES now supplies 500 different products which are sold in over 70 countries. Every year, more than 15 million children worldwide enjoy the creative and educational products of SES.

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