Safety and quality are very important to SES. Its products must pose absolutely no risk for children or the environment. For this reason, SES has its own laboratory, where both new and existing products are subjected to the most stringent tests and quality control. All our products comply with the international guideline (EN-71). 

Every product is developed and manufactured by SES itself, with due regard for the safety and quality of all products. SES products are only marketed if their safety is fully guaranteed. At the same time, quality is a constant priority during the development and production of the toys. 

By continuing to adopt a critical approach and raise the bar high, our toys comply with important conditions:


  • safe 
  • clean and washable 
  • colourful 
  • good coverage with paint and colour materials 
  • gluten-free 
  • toxin-free 
  • hypoallergenic 
  • paraben-free 
  • animal friendly 
  • accompanied by clear instructions 


SES also supports the environment. There is a special ECO line and boxes and packaging are made with recycled material wherever possible. Efficient production and transport also help limit CO₂ emissions. 

Through the constant guarantee of quality and safety, SES can develop sustainable toys which are good for children, animals and the environment. With SES, you give children the best.