SES Iron-on beads Disney Princess Sofia

Product description: 
Large perler bead set with Disney Princess Sofia licence. You can make 2 different colours of princesses on the Princess Sofia pegboard. One with a purple dress and one with a pink dress. You can also decide to just do Princess Sofia’s face. Add the finishing touches to the three princess faces with the detailed stickers. And you can also make 7 small flowers on this pegboard. You can place the amulet on the perler bead pegboard as well as one pink crown and one purple crown. Affix the amulet to the waxed cord which you can then decorate with perler beads and silver beads. Now you have a beautiful perler bead chain and you’re also a real princess! Create the most beautiful figures with SES perler beads by pegging the beads and using an iron to fuse them together. Ask an adult to iron your creations.
Product contains: 

Princess Sofia pegboard;
Amulet pegboard;
Perler bead mix;
Ironing sheet;
12 silver beads;
Pink waxed cord;
Sticker sheet;


Disney Princes Sofia licence;
Make 2 Princess Sofias, a chain with an amulet and many other great creations;
Includes stickers and silver beads for extra details;
Fusible beads;
High quality;
Bright colours;
Develops motor skills;
Stimulates the imagination;
Stimulates parent-child interaction.

Where available