Creative thinking and doing is important to the elementary development of a child. SES products therefore offer the positive stimulus that helps children fully develop their creativity. 

In product development, the development of the child is key. By nature, every child is active, eager to learn and interested in discovering and developing himself. During childhood, that development is vital for a child. Stimulating the child’s creativity challenges him or her to try new things. It is therefore important that a child is given the opportunity to discover his or her talents. 

It is also vital that a child develops self-confidence. All SES products are certain to boost that self-confidence. Whether a child enjoys drawing, painting or making things, with SES the result is always a piece of art. In this way, the child’s self-confidence can grow. 

SES products have a good educational basis and are crucial to the different development stages which every child experiences. Although every child develops at his or her own pace, the sequence of those development stages is the same. 

It is important to know when a child is about to take a new step in his or her development. It is then possible to offer the right product to encourage and stimulate the child, enabling him or her to develop physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. 

SES provides the appropriate play materials for each development stage. The SES product lines for younger children help them learn basic skills and develop fine motor skills. In the products for older children, expression, empathy and creativity are further developed. 

An age indication is provided on all SES packaging. 

In a fun, playful and educational way, children are challenged to give their imagination free reign. SES toys stimulate children to create something, think spatially and acquire insight into colours and shapes.