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Under the Clowny flag, SES produces and sells SES face paint and costumes. When children become totally engrossed in a role play in a different character, they develop their social skills and empathy. This educational factor means that the costume and make up items fit in well with the vision of SES.

Face paint

With SES Clowny aqua face paint, children can make the loveliest face creations. A beautiful princess, a fierce tiger or a burly pirate. Anything is possible. Special face masks and pens for making tattoos all add to the fun.

All Clowny aqua face paint is water-based and suitable for daily use. The face paint is specially made for young, sensitive skin and is gentle and easy to remove. All face paint is developed without animal testing and produced in the Netherlands. It is also easy to wash out of textiles. Furthermore, all face paint is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and gluten-free, so totally safe for children to use.

Clowny includes three more dressing up product lines:

Clowny Rescue World

This is the world of hospitals, doctors and patients. With products like a doctor’s case and doctor’s clothes, you have everything you need to play hospitals. The unique thing about this line is the very realistic nature of all the products, always taking safety into account, of course.

Clowny Pirate World

Explore the world of swarthy pirates. Act like a real pirate with your pirate’s hook, eye patch, bandana, telescope and sword. Special tattoo pens complete the story.

Clowny Knight World

Welcome to the world of knights. With the sword you become a real knight. The sword is made of high quality foam, making them light and safe for everyone nearby. Add to the experience with the helmet and knight’s costume.


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